Each day I wake, I have the choice

On whether or not to use my voice

…to be thankful


When I look at my glass, is it half full or half empty

Am I constantly wanting more, or in my heart do I have plenty

Enough gratitude.. to say…thanks


Sure, I can focus on the things that are missing

On all of the things for which I’ve been wishing

But what benefit does this bring me


Except to help me feel down and out

To be melancholy and to want to sit and pout

About the things which I have not


But the truth of the matter is this

Many may feel that if they had what I do their life would be bliss

…maybe I need to take another look


At the many things I have, rather than what I do not

The more I take a look, I realize it’s a lot

Wow…what a different perspective


To take each day and appreciate the little things

What a difference it makes and joy it brings

To just give a little thanks


For the many blessings that God gives me

For His provision, a bright future, and a destiny

And, as I do this, my world begins to shift…


…For the better as I change my focus

And I realize that no matter what is going on, my life is not hopeless


I’ve been given so much..

My heart has been touched

By living a life of thanks.


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My Miracle

I’d wanted you for what had seemed like so long

My heart’s desire for you grew ever strong

And for you, my life waited

I’d been told it may be hard for me to have you

But deep down in my heart I knew

That it was more than possible

At times the journey seemed long, and definitely was not always easy

But I pressed on toward the goal, because I wanted you so deeply

And so, the wait continued

I had moments of sadness and confusion

But, thankfully, I wasn’t in seclusion

For, God loved me through His people

Being surrounded by those who understand and care

Who offer their support in words and through their prayers

Give’s a strength to carry on

And though I had moments of doubt and of wonder

The journey brought growth and helped make me stronger

…This wasn’t all for nothing

And then the day arrived when you came into my world

My hopes and dreams fulfilled…life changed big time for this girl

I’m not dreaming…it really happened

So, don’t give up the faith…miracles really do still happen

Don’t lose your hope, but feed your healthy passions

The best is yet to come

For God does not play favorites..He loves us all the same

He knows your heart’s desire and each individual by name

He wants the best for you

He loves you through and through

So, please don’t give up now

Trust God…He’ll work it out somehow

His plans for you are bright

Keep His hope for the future in sight

So that in His perfect timing

As the right things have been aligning

You can receive, with open arms,

Your breakthrough…Your miracle

Cry From a Young Girl’s Heart

(This poem is not my personal story. I’ve worked around children over the years, though, and it could be one of their’s.  It’s told from a young girl’s perspective, and what I feel her heart’s cry may be as she’s hoping for her “forever home”.)

James 1:27–(AMP) External religious worship [religion as it is expressed in outward acts] that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this:  to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need, and to keep oneself unspotted and uncontaminated from the world.


I’ve been passed from house to house

Sometimes I’m quiet as a mouse

But, all I’m lookin’ for is love


I’ve heard of love, but don’t know what it is

This man and that one have told me they love me and that I’m his

But…I just don’t believe ’em


Love shouldn’t make me feel so dirty, empty, and abused

Some days I feel so torn apart and used

Won’t somebody please help me?


See, since I was a baby, my mom didn’t want me

So, I’ve lived with this, that, and the other family

Just hopin’ for the right connection


But, others get intimidated by my behavior

I’m just lookin’ for someone to be my saviour

Please save me from this pain


I may scream and shout and tell you I don’t need you

But don’t believe that lie,.. it’s not true,… I really do

I’m just so full of fear


Though I may put on a big front

And don’t think much before being so blunt

Please…don’t throw in the towel


I’m really a diamond in the ruff

I just need someone willing to be tough

And not give up on me


I’ve heard there is a God who loves me

Who made me with a purpose and a destiny

Gosh,…I wanna believe it


But, I need you to be His hands and feet

To help my life feel more complete

That I may see this love in action


Then, once you break through my tough exterior

You’ll see my a big change in my demeanor

As my heart begins to open


Are you the one I’ve been dying to meet

If so, my life’s about to be more sweet

I’ve been waiting for this moment


I cannot help all that’s happened to me

That made my life so difficult, don’t you agree?

I know this won’t be easy


But things that are worth it are worth fighting for

Together maybe we can help even out the score

And be the right fit for one another


This could be part of our fate

Our relationship could be so great

I just need you to decide


If I’m the piece that has been missing

That child for whom you have been wishing

Just let faith be your guide


In making the choice that’s the right decision

In deciding if I’m the right addition

To your heart,family, and your journey to a new lease on this so called life.





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